rubythroat ‘baby darling taporo’

where have you been rubythroat?


2012-2016 tiny ship in the hand of the infinite –

how can i explain? yes, we did this thing, sailed around the world with a baby
girl and a boy who’d undergone a trauma few of us have to realise, what is there to say?

i have lost my seeing and knowing

salvaged from the windward side of forgotten places, please enjoy the few songs and improvisations that found their way through the gaps in our teeth

i thank those that have chosen to remain

bless you

always yours with love
katiejane garside

conceived and recorded in the marquesas, niue, kingdom of tonga, new zealand, st. helena and the azores on a voyage in a small sailing boat around the world, ruby throat release 4th album ‘baby darling taporo’

this will be a DIY limited release of 500 numbered copies, including:

a 120 page bound/unbound book (130/130mm) of photos, lyrics, drawings and writings by kjg and cw (be aware this coverless book is intended to fall to pieces and blow away over time), a small piece of headsail that saw us through storms across great oceans,  a cd of 11 songs and improvisations all tenuously, symbiotically held together by a threadbare dream, postal art…a package from a faraway place right under your fingernail,  i was never really supposed to incarnate, please open with care – the small box you will receive in the post is intended as the cd cover (if it is to be a gift for someone please leave us a note at the paypal checkout and we will include a revised name and address label inside the package for you to stick over the original)

copies 1 to 20 will be sold separately and feature a piece of the original book artwork/ lyric/poem/drawing by kjg (signed) and an original one off polaroid photo of kjg taken by cw, for your eyes only

all copies individually hand assembled by us and will be shipped on nov 9th 2017

‘baby darling taporo’ available here

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