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rubythroat no 4   ‘baby darling taporo’

available Nov. 8

‘a whispering frayed edge (the poems of someone who thinks she is katiejane garside)’

limited edition book of poems by katiejane garside

written as a closing chapter to a four year voyage around the world in a small boat with a baby (so they couldn’t find us), the roots of flowers in our mouths, this is a book of 34 poems from ‘someone who thinks she is katiejane gar side’,  limited edition, handbound, handcraftedbook, 48 pages signed and numbered by kjg, 500 copies

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ruby throat no 3  ‘o’ doubt o’ stars’

informed by devastating departures and heavenly arrivals she got herself born aboard our narrowboat balthazar 2010-2011 (recorded while navigating the lea river and the waterways of north london) – katiejane garside

original limited run sold out.   available digitally on iTunes here

rubythroat ‘out of a black cloud came a bird’

the second offering of ruby throat, ‘out of a black cloud came a bird…’ — a long summer of serrated, grinding seconds moving over my body, tectonic plates, a slow painful being erased, a breakdown recorded, a devastation of spirit, a desperately ‘taped on’ resolution, who and what survives? the pale art of the salesman 2009, my body a carcrash canvas, your name scratched into it, the blunt needle point of a compass slowing the traffic, who is the ‘i’ that erases ‘you’?,  a b-movie with resentfully gorgeous camera angles, the fallendown house of ruby throat
– katiejane garside

out of a black cloud came a bird… cd

                         or digitally on iTunes… here

queenadreena ‘djin’

exclusive pre-release version of the uk edition of the fourth queenadreena lp limited to only 1000 copies and features new artwork and bonus tracks unavailable on the japanese release

queenadreena ‘djin’ cd

rubythroat  ‘the ventriloquist’

rubythroat’s original offering…

‘the ventriloquist’ cd

            or digitally on iTunes…here

daisy chainsaw  ‘eleventeen’

Buzzsaw Records is pleased to announce the special edition release of the unique 1992 album Eleventeen by Daisy Chainsaw – one of thee original grunge/post punk bands.  This special edition includes two CDs comprising the original track listing plus B sides, never before released tracks, never before released photos, original artwork and commentary from band members.  As Dave Grohl said “I thought Eleventeen was wonderful”.

daisy chainsaw ‘eleventeen’ dbl cd

katiejane garside  ‘lalleshwari’

lalleshwari, lullabies in a glass wilderness

temporarily out of print,  available digitally on iTunes  here